Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Earth Hour

How did YOU spend Earth Hour? Earth Hour is my favourite event of the year, next to Caribana, the Eurocup and, of course, the Airshow. It gives us the chance to take a step back, reflect in our thoughts, share stories and perhaps drink a lot of wine and make a collage.

M. had an Earth Hour get together a few years ago (she loves Earth Hour too), which was a great success. So this year, along with our good friend A., we decided to feast on food that didn't require an oven. We lit a few candles and got a bit cozy.

M. made a beef tartar, topped with a raw egg yolk and it was complimented by a salad made of arugula, cherry tomatoes and fresh figs. Yum!

What is the point of Earth Hour? Well, duh! Didn't you hear? It's a global stand against climate change. Every major city in the world participates, so why not you? Personally, I regard it as a way to conserve energy and, really, a time to shut it all down, man. Take us back to the olden times of yesteryear. Feast on raw meat and rely on the one morsel of light flickering in the darkness. Enjoy intimacy in the dark while talking with your family and friends and listening to the sounds of heavy breathing and awkward silences.

How we spent our Earth Hour:
- Wrote a letter
- Cut pictures out of magazines
- Made a collage
- Ate raw meat
- Recycled
- Drank bottles of wine
- Talked about our feelings

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