Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Backyard BBQ Dinner

What can I say? I love warm weather, lazy days off and, most of all, BBQ.

What's a BBQ without roasted red peppers and asparagus? Huh?!

Rice vermicelli noodle salad with green pepper, sugar snaps, chopped mangoes, scallions (sauteed with sesame oil, sugar cane vinegar, honey and ginger) and blackened tuna. Dressing: lime cilantro vinaigrette

These incredible sandwich creations contained the BBQ'd chicken souvlaki, covered in a homemade Tzatziki sauce and a Greek Salad. The buns came from Brazil Bakery (1554 Dundas Street West, Toronto). They were so good. I had one whole one to myself!!

The Caesar Salad had homemade croutons that were tossed in bacon fat (what what!). It also had slivers of wild leeks that M. and her partner had picked earlier in the week on a secret journey of leek picking somewhere outside of Toronto. Picking wild leeks involves some insider information.

Bunny Bling Bling Tip: Always celebrate a special occasion with fireworks.

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  1. YUM everything looks delicious and like such fun!